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Fuel Management Software Australia


Fuel Management Software manages fuel and fluid inventory easily on mobilephone with FluidSecure to prevent fuel losses. Secure fuel information Australia wide.

Complete fuel accountability is in the palm of your hand with FluidSecure’s groundbreaking fuel and fluid management system. FluidSecure has introduced cutting edge innovation to the world of fuel and fluid management solutions in Australia by developing revolutionary, easy to install hardware and a user-friendly cloud based App that allows you instant access to your fuel or fluid inventory, all for a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.

Accurate Real-Time Reconciliation allows you to track every drop of your fuel or fluid inventory from delivery to usage and can save you money by preventing fuel theft and fuel losses. Our cloud-based technology works with any Smartphone, IOS or Android, and keeps your information secure. With our innovative mobile fuel and fluid management system, you can track your fuel from anywhere in the world!

FluidSecure provides complete peace of mind from the largest to the smallest of vehicle fleets.

Buy FluidSecure today.

Australian Industries

 Vehicle Fleets
  Trucking Companies
  Tank Manufacturers
  Fuel Wholesalers
  Bus Companies
  Mobile Fuel Trucks
  Skid Tanks (Fixed and Mobile)


FluidSecure makes transitioning to our system simple


✓ Quick and Easy Installation
✓ Uses your smartphone as your personal authorization device
✓ Real-Time data syncs with our cloud server
✓ No software to install!


FluidSecure offers a user-friendly smartphone App to identify its users


✓ Cloud-based operating system offers 99.5% accuracy and optimal security
✓ Dashboard accessible from App or any internet browser
✓ Instant access to reconciliation reporting and authorizing your fuel or fluid pumps
✓ No need for additional authorization for vehicles


Complete fuel accountability for a fraction of the industry standard makes FluidSecure the perfect solution for any sized operation with fluid management needs!


✓ Keep track of your inventory
✓ Reduce theft
✓ Reconcile your accounts
✓ Export your reporting

What is FluidSecure?

FluidSecure is The Next Generation of Fuel and Fluid Management which includes the FluidSecure LINK, CLOUD, APP and HUB. It uses the power and flexibility of modern smartphone technology, along the ubiquity of the cellular phone network. Plus, it is securely hosted on the fast and powerful Microsoft Azure cloud-based servers.

It is an incredibly cost-effective, easy to install, user-friendly solution, ultra-low fuel maintenance solution, and is revolutionizing the world of Fluid and Fuel Management with our Simply Smart Technology, which uses smartphones and cloud technologies to offer everything that a traditional system does, but at a fraction of the cost and is simple and easy to use.

FluidSecure is a revolutionary solution to manage your fuel and fluids and a paradigm shift in how the industry secures as well as collects, manages, accesses, reconciles and consolidates its data. With our fuel inventory management system, you can easily manage your fuel usage and consumption anywhere in Australia.

On this web page, you will find a detailed explanation of how FluidSecure operates and how its innovative technology makes for an affordable solution (at a fraction of the cost of a traditional pedestal-based system). The software is easy to install, extremely low in maintenance and more importantly, easy to use for everyone.

Additional Fuel Management Software Information

  • Ongoing FluidSecure Cloud hosting with annual subscription fee
  • Lifetime warranty for the FluidSecure LINK
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • The FluidSecure LINK is replaced with a new LINK asap in the event of failure.
  • The CLOUD database and APP software is always up-to-date with the latest versions.

With our revolutionary fuel inventory management system, you will have all the necessary tools for all your fluid and fuel management needs. Discover FluidSecure today and regain control of your fluid management business!

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