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Fuel Trailers Australia

When you need a safe and convenient method to transport diesel fuel and keep your operations running smoothly, our self-budied fuel tank trailers are the perfect solution. These trailers are designed in Australia with heavy-duty, dual-axle construction and a low profile for easy towing, even when fully loaded. With options for diesel-driven or solar-operated pumps, along with filters, meters, and hoses, you can ensure a trouble-free refuelling process with minimal downtime. Our trailers are constructed to Australian Standards and come with road registration, required signage, and reflective tape. The LED lighting, marked dipstick, and automated amber flashing light during refuelling ensure safe and efficient operations. Additional features include an emergency stop button, bunded front containment area, retractable hose reel, fuel meter, disc brakes, and a heavy-duty tow hitch. Each trailer also comes equipped with safety chains, a fire extinguisher, and a spill kit for added protection. Contact our friendly International Fuels sales staff to discuss your needs and find the right option for you.

Fuel Trailers, Refueling Diesel or Solar Powered Trailers

For your fleet to operate efficiently, you need reliable bulk fuel trailer solutions. Whether you are after hire or sale, Australia’s leading diesel fuel trailer supplier has designed and manufactured quality new fuel trailers with the latest safety features in mind for optimal performance.

Our experienced team of local engineers understand the unique needs of diesel-powered machinery and can assist in finding the right fit for any job. We have a wide range of different sizes, shapes and payload capacities to suit your specific requirements.

For further convenience, our trailer hire services are available throughout Western Australia with competitive rates and flexible duration options. Our dedicated team can help you choose the best trailer model for your needs, maintain it in top condition and provide ongoing service support.

Our aim is to deliver the highest possible quality and safety standards for our customers. Whether it’s a one-off hire or a long-term lease, you can be sure of reliable service and top performance.

1200 litre diesel powered fuel trailer hire/sales/service Australia.
Photo of a 1200 litre diesel-powered fuel trailer hire/sales/service Australia.

What types of pumps come with fuel trailers?

Our diesel fuel trailers come with a range of pumps to suit your specific needs. They include hand-operated, diesel-powered pumps and solar-powered pumps, vacuum pumps, plunger pumps and centrifugal-type pumps. The choice depends on the desired flow rate and pressure requirements for the application. We will happily take the time to discuss your requirements in more detail and help you choose and install the right pump for the fuel trailer you want to buy or hire.

Fuel trailer hire/sales Perth Western Australia.
Fuel trailer hire/sales Perth Western Australia.

What safety features are included in fuel trailers?

We understand the importance of providing safe and secure transportation solutions for your fleet. Our diesel fuel trailers are designed with a range of safety measures to ensure that they operate safely and effectively at all times. These include reinforced chassis, anti-slip flooring, secure trailer locks, secondary brakes, breakaway systems, fire extinguishers and reflective tape.

We also offer routine maintenance services to help you keep your trailer in top condition and running safely. Our highly trained technicians will inspect the trailers for any wear and tear, corrosion or other defects and make necessary repairs if required.

Want to find out more about fuel trailer hire or sale in Australia? Get in touch with International Fuel’s Perth Western Australia office today. Our experienced team of engineers will be happy to assist you.

Our diesel fuel trailer solutions are designed to provide your fleet with reliable performance and safety for years to come.

What other benefits do fuel trailers offer?

Our diesel fuel trailers are designed to provide maximum efficiency with minimal effort. Their lightweight construction and easy-to-manoeuvre design make them ideal for towing on any terrain. Whether you’re looking for a one-off hire or a long-term lease, our fuel trailers can have while ensuring safe transportation of your products or materials.

Our fuel trailers also feature a range of storage options, from standard compartments to oversized tanks. This makes it easier for you to transport large amounts of fuel in bulk and with minimal fuss.

Plus, our experienced team are committed to providing ongoing technical support and tailored advice on the best solutions for your needs. We have a wealth of expertise in diesel-powered machinery and can help you choose the right trailer model for your specific requirements.

So if you’re looking for a reliable fuel trailer solution for hire or sale in Australia, look no further than International Fuel Equipment and Services company based in Perth with outlets Australia wide. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you get the best out of your fleet!

What kind of warranty do fuel trailers come with?

At International Fuel Equipment and Services, our fuel trailer tank designs provide safe and reliable performance for years to come. To ensure the highest quality standards, we offer a limited warranty on all new diesel fuel trailer models. This includes comprehensive cover for any manufacturing defects or malfunctions in materials and workmanship.

We understand that accidents can happen and faults can occur due to wear and tear over time. We offer a range of maintenance services that can help you keep your trailer in top condition.

Contact us today to find out more about fuel trailer hire Perth WA prices and options

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