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At International Fuel Equipment & Services we have been designing, building and maintaining bulk fuel storage and delivery systems for 15 years. Whether it’s a 1,000 litre cube with a 12 volt pump kit to keep fuel up to your lawn mower or a 500kL in pit Heavy Vehicle refuelling facility to keep fuel up to your mining dump trucks, designing and installing the best fuel storage and distribution solutions is our specialty in Australia.

International Fuel Equipment & Services have an in-house team of industry professionals who specialise in the design, manufacture, supply, testing, installation, project management and compliance of Fuel and Lubricant storage tank facilities in Australia and fuel dispensing systems for all Australian industries and applications. We can also provide ongoing fuel equipment service and maintenance for your facility and dispensing equipment plus we carry a large range of fuel equipment spare or replacement parts.

We work with only the best equipment suppliers and subcontractors to ensure we can deliver projects on time, on budget and with the reliability and quality that the client and end users expect and rely on.

Our fuel projects include:

  • Single bulk fuel tank design in Australia with or without a fuel management system suitable for small to medium throughput such as the Agricultural or Transport industries
  • Fuel tank farms for remote mine sites
  • Design and construction of fuel and lubricant storage facilities on new and existing sites
  • Australian fuel depots and unmanned refuelling points.
  • Installation of bulk fuel storage in Australia to support back-up power generation facilities and fuel storage for remote communities and Aboriginal communities in Western Australia
  • Fuel pipework and associated infrastructure for onsite generators in WA.

Our capabilities include:

  • Bulk fuel facility design, both mechanical and electrical
  • CAD design of bulk fuel tanks capability – Solidworks, AutoCAD, Inventor
  • Hydraulic models – FluidFlow
  • Finite element analysis
  • Process design including facility automation
  • Pump station and pipeline design
  • Safety in design
  • Maintenance in design
  • Coded welding
  • Fuel tank pressure testing
  • Mechanical fitting and pump alignments
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