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Fuel Filtration

Fuel Filtration Australia

Filtres for diesel or petrol. Different models of fuel filters are available for filtering the fuel at the point of supply or at the moment of unloading (BULK FILTRATION)

Why Use Fuel Filters?

Solid micro-impurities clog and damage the injectors causing poor combustion. This increases the consumption of your engine and is a source of costly breakdowns. Microfiltering the fuel will keep the injectors clean, reducing consumption and emissions.
Currently, fuels are mixed with biofuels. This increases the presence of water, the appearance of bacteria and the presence of solid impurities in your fuel.
Discharged water, condensation or leaks cause water and sludge to appear in all fuel tanks.
Filters absorb water and micro-impurities. By eliminating the water, we prevent the growth of micro bacteria.

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